Mike Manion

 Agricultural Specialist - Mike Manion


Mike Manion, BA, has an extensive background in senior executive positions both as an owner operator and for a number of Canada’s largest corporate farming operations. When you need an agricultural specialist you want someone who has REAL world experience in the farming world. Mike brings that knowledge and experience to every client he serves.

He has demonstrated success in improving the total value chain proposition from “gate to plate” and has increased overall production while decreasing operational costs.


Mike has proven resourceful in securing financial grants and incentives to fund both start up operations and to expand existing operations. He is a key player in the role of team builder, mentor, and coach with ongoing training and program development for middle management.

As an agricultural specialist, he has worked in collaboration with Government regulators to develop a working relationship to solve environmental concerns such as waste control regulations and labour issues within the foreign workers program.

Mike has direct experience operating farms all across Canada.

Mike can be reached at 778-837-3809 (mobile) or via email.