Harvest Area Training


Objectives: To maximize Harvester and Harvest Supervisory Skills


Harvester development is one of the most overlooked areas on most mushroom farms and is also one of the key areas if managed correctly that can yield huge dividends. The purpose of this training is to develop a plan for your farm that will result in:


Increased harvester productivity                                Increased Yield

Reduced number of harvesters required *                   Improved quality of mushrooms

Increased Harvester retention and satisfaction             Disease reduction


The purpose of this training program is twofold: first, to introduce the new or existing supervisor to various aspects of harvester and pinning room management: second, to train the harvesters in such a manner as to optimize their earnings as well as increasing company revenue.


The Agrisco team has many years of proven experience in growing and managing mushroom farms across Canada. This experience has determined that harvester management is one of the most overlooked aspects of mushroom farming. Agrisco’ s harvesting management plan evolved from the “Graze picking” approach, as developed in Australia, to a North American style system that focuses heavily on market quality requirements and harvester buy-in. Supervisory roles will shift from “managing” harvesters to “engaging” harvesters to achieve earning success.

The Agrisco training team will provide a strong emphasis on pinning management, harvestercommunication, and logistic support of the harvest area.

*Recent changes to the Temporary Foreign worker program (Canada) has made it necessary to provide government with a long term plan as to how to companies will reduce the dependence on foreign workers. Agrisco’ s training program may be used as an example of a long term strategy.


The program involves a minimum of six weeks of intensive training which is scheduled in two weeks on and two weeks off segments. The training period will focus on improving the pinning management with strong emphasis on harvester and supervisory communication. To ensure the sustainability of the program, it is recommended that the trainer visit monthly upon completion of the initial training program.

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